Val Dieu Brewery

What we did ! Director of photographyScript

The brief

January 2019, the Val-Dieu brewery calls on our agency : they are about to change their graphic identity and want to communicate on video ! The press conference is scheduled at the end of March, we have 2 short months to find an original idea and realize it …..

Our approach

It’s the third time we collaborate with Val-Dieu :
a complete presentation of the brewery in 2016 and the official announcement of the launch of the now famous Cuvée 800 beer in 2017 ! We had always been inspired by the history that made the Val-Dieu beers : the abbey, the monks, the tradition… but it has never been possible to use this inspiration in our productions before. Our approach was all found! Spotting, selection of inspiring places, writing … And finally, the realization! In this short film, we had fun spending as much time creating lighting atmospheres in post production as shooting and editing the film… Enjoy !

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