Salon Habitat

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The briefing

In early 2018, the organizers of the Liège Habitat Fair entrusted our agency to highlight the 49th edition of this major exhibition dedicated to construction and energy in the Cité Ardente. Their aim was to dust off their aging communication in TV and radio through a more modern campaign ! The motto: find in this campaign their DNA and make people know about the 3 themes of the show: decoration & layout, Energy and Construction & Renovation.

Our approach

We didn’t want to fall into the audiovisual clichés seen and reviewed for this kind of event – “animation” or “sequence shot on the show” – we move instead into a video campaign in TV and digital composed of 3 distinct spots, based on the story of a young couple meeting, moving in and renovating a house. Through these 3 stages (programming of the planned spots in the right order), we travel in a suggested way themes and rejuvenate at the same time the communication of the Salon!
See you for the 50th aniversary…

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