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The briefing

At the end of 2016, SAFER Verviers (Family and Entourage Support Service for Radicalism) decided to highlights its help and listening services through a video campaign to raise awareness about the dangers of radicalism. The cell appealed to Otra Vista for the creation and dissemination of this ambitious project.

Our approach

To be honnest, it wasn’t easy to deal with such a subject without falling into the clichés… After careful consideration, Otra Vista chosed to propose a “soft” approach, voluntarily focused on values universal human rights and non-violence (family, friendship, sharing …). We have thus mixed different “stories of life” and shared moments before showing what these same stories can be without the dear ones who are the actors. All on a text declaimed in voice-over, close to poetry. For the voice-over and co-writing of the text, Otra Vista has called on the internationally renowned Belgian slammer Simon Raket! Discover our Acoustik Session with the artist!



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