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In 2018, Vitamines Agency and the belgian dealcoholization and bottling companies “MIS & ABS” call on our agency to write and make a corporate film to highlight its services. With an international vocation, the company aims to sell its services in English with a focus on both technical and production capacities..


After identifying the strengths and technical data of each department (machines, figures, capacities …) within the two companies, we plan to write a relevant voice-over – in collaboration with Vitamines agency which is positioned as a real partner on this project – which will serve as the backbone of the film. Based on this structure, our film crew goes to the heart of the production plants to capture the necessary images. To this, in the idea of ​​bringing a human touch to this “world of machines”, we select some managers to speak in front of the camera. Finally, in post production, we create some graphic animations in order to highlight the most striking figures.

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