Black Strike

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The briefing

Founded on the ashes of different projects, BLACK STRIKE brings together 5 musicians with common influences. After browsing a good number of scenes together or separately, the 5 mates found their style and sway a powerful and uncompromising METAL STONER!

Our approach

The song “Tiger” refers to boxer Muhammad Ali, and more precisely the time when part of the world wanted to see him on the ground, insulted for changing his name. But the champion has always stood up, more powerful than ever, to reach the summits! It is no surprise that we wanted to put this courage (and this sport) in the spotlight in our realization. The surprise is elsewhere: where we waited for a man to play the main character of the clip, it is a young woman, boxer, that we find. After racial emancipation, an ode to female emancipation?

For the filming location, we chose the Pepinster boxing gym (Savate Club Pepinster) which has kept a very authentic look with its wooden coating, its very 80’s locker room and its brand new central ring. We could only have places on one Sunday, so we had to shoot the entire clip in one day ! Installation of black backgrounds, lighting, a dozen complete shots on and off the ring … Without careful preparation work, it would have been impossible for us to achieve this result! The clip is currently running on the Youtube channel of the group where the viewcounter continues to climb!


Vocals : Gauthier Dethier
Bass : Manu Polis
Drums : Yan Jost
Guitar : François Desart
Guitar : Regis Fautré
Boxer : Romane

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