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Ah oui?

Depuis 2017, nous investissons une partie de nos bénéfices en contribuant à des projets de développement durable. De nombreuses initiatives ont déjà été mise en place et de nouvelles voient le jour chaque année…

It’s new in 2019: Otra Vista join a reforestation project with the French company active worldwide REFOREST’ACTION. The operation is simple: for each video project, a tree is planted. “A combined action on climate and biodiversity (…) to curb climate change and restore natural ecosystems.


The protection and enhancement of lakes, rivers, coasts and oceans with SURFRIDER FOUNDATION, a non-profit association active since 1990 in 14 countries, including Belgium, through ultra-concrete actions of cleaning, sensitization … As of December 31, 2018, is 2700m2 of beach that have already been preserved thanks to our commitment.

A local project with the association LE MARTINET which supports, heals and rehabilitates wild birds and mammals living in the wild in our regions. Each year, hundreds of animals are cared for before being released. We participate in mediation and food expenses. Discover our little report at the bottom of the page!